Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Use Your Noodle

Max decided to take the saying literally. He LOVES noodles and anything like it-such as spaghetti squash. He slurps and sucks them down sometimes without even chewing (I have diaper evidence). I pulled a package of Top Ramen out of the cupboard and decided to see how Max takes to these noodles and he went gonzo! This picture is tame compared to some of the things he was doing before I could grab my camera. Noodles were coming out of his mouth like streamers off a parade float. This Top Ramen incident reminded me that when I was a kid I also loved Top Ramen. For my birthday my parents jokingly gave me a huge box of Chicken Top Ramen. I guess this is at least one way Max takes after his Momma!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Max 13 Months

1. At 13 months Max Walker is not a walker. Not without the aid of a push toy or his parents (my back aches).
2. Max dances whenever he hears music. It has been bouncing for the most part until lately he started stepping in place.
3. One of the things Max is worst at is holding still (especially during church).
4. Max LOVES to play with other kids and be around people. Not at all afraid of strangers and is a shameless flirt!
5. Throwing and chasing balls around the house is one of Max's favorite activities.
6. Going to the pool or even splashing in the bath is one of Max's favorites.
7. The busyness in this little body is so extreme that lying down to have a diaper change or put jammies on is too much. Max will take off, crawling at the speed of light, Nicodemus around the house to escape these necessary activities.
8. Max loves to "read" books. He points out all the special details (especially doggies) and loves to turn the pages, two or three at the time.
9. Tearing things apart is also a favorite past time. Spilling all the contents of the diaper bag, throwing the clothes out of the dirty laundry basket, rolling TP around the house, and tipping over garbage cans are a few of his "best" tricks.
10. Waking up to Max in the morning is the best part of my day. He is always cooing and happily playing in his crib. When I walk in he gets to excited he sometime claps and hugs me tight when I take him out of his crib. Then he quickly wants down so the busyness can start!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Second Fourth

This is Max enjoying the fourth of July fireworks with his friends in Michigan. He was a little nervous about the firework display.

Kate, Max, Sam, Linsey & Sophie

Watching the fireworks, except for Sam who revealed his pyro tendencies at a young age. Couldn't keep his seat in his seat.

The whole gang!

More Max in Mackinac

Max has his first boat ride over to Mackinaw Island.

Hanging out on the boat with Daddy.

Max at his post as 'keeper of the water bottles' during
our bike trip around the island. In actuality he couldn't keep his
little hands off the water bottles!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Max in Mackinac

This is Max and his Pamma on the porch enjoying the beautiful view from our hotel. He loved sitting in the rocker with his Grandma and watching the passers by (especially if they were the four legged variety).

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

First Fouth

Last year Max celebrated his first Fourth of July. He was only a few weeks old and this picture is making me miss our home in Texas so much. It is also making me think I am crazy for posting it because I am super chubba dubba. Happy fourth of July little Max! This year you can try some of that delicious jello mold!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Max: One Year!

1. Max enjoys the company of others. He has been known not to go to bed for babysitters because he wants to hang out!
2. Max is getting his two top teeth. There is a large gap between them- so cute.
3. Although his only words are mama, dada, and sometimes burp, Max talks jibberish non-stop.
4. When Max doesn't want to eat something he throws it on the floor. Consequently, our carpet is peppered with vegetables.
5. Max splashes almost all of the water out of his toddler tub.
6. Recently Max found he can reach the power button on the TV. On...off...on...off...on.
7. Max is starting to take his blue blanky out of the crib and around the house with him.
8. Max is pulling himself up onto everything.
9. Today Max discovered milkshakes and gripped the cup fiercely with both hands AND feet if you tried to take the straw out of his mouth.
10. He loves to throw balls and chase them around the house. I recently found a stash he is keeping behind the toilet. eeeww.

First Birthday!

We had a beautiful day for Max's birthday party at the "Sprayground." Here are a few pics of the big day. Max had a full day and loved the playing in the fountains, spending time with friends, devouring his two cupcakes, and playing with new toys. He slept well that night (as soon as he came down from his sugar high. ) Happy Birthday to our baby!