Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Use Your Noodle

Max decided to take the saying literally. He LOVES noodles and anything like it-such as spaghetti squash. He slurps and sucks them down sometimes without even chewing (I have diaper evidence). I pulled a package of Top Ramen out of the cupboard and decided to see how Max takes to these noodles and he went gonzo! This picture is tame compared to some of the things he was doing before I could grab my camera. Noodles were coming out of his mouth like streamers off a parade float. This Top Ramen incident reminded me that when I was a kid I also loved Top Ramen. For my birthday my parents jokingly gave me a huge box of Chicken Top Ramen. I guess this is at least one way Max takes after his Momma!


ali said...

He even smiled! Look at those teefers. I liked Ramen as a kid too, Max. Actually, still do.

jamieanne said...

Haha! This is a great photo.

lane said...

Mama'a Little Piggie!