Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Max: Age 14 months

1. Max says "hi" or "hiyeeee" to just about everyone and everything (like the wall).
2. For the past week and a half Max wants to be held mostly by his Dad. Mom's back is thankful for this development.
3. Going up and down and up and down the stairs is a fun past time.
4. Max Walker is not walker. He can crawl like the wind and loves to walk around holding your hands. If you even try to let go of one hand though he will sit down on the job. Two hands or nothing. Its a wonder he isn't walking.
5. Throwing balls around in the house or pool consumes about a third to half of our day. This is the only picture at the pool where his head isn't covered by a beach ball he is holding over his head.
6. Doggies are a big hit and when he sees them he says "woo" as in "woof." He loved being around Miss Famous although I can't say MF reciprocates the sentiment.
7. Max often says "oooohh" and points at something that interests him (usually a doggy).
8. When out at a restaurant with us Max isn't interested in being part of our table. He is craned around in his high chair interrupting complete stranger's meals. He has barged in on blind dates, romantic breakfasts, lunch meetings, family dinners, and many more. He is also a shameless flirt. Someone tells me "my baby is a flirt" about once a day. The thought of these behaviors increasing exponentially until he's a teen is TERRIFYING!
9. Too much attention is non-existent for Max. He loved being in Utah and playing with his aunts and uncles. His feet barely touched the ground the whole week!
10. Max is very friendly and sociable. He takes after his Daddy. He is always excited if there are other children near by. I think he is going to love nursery. I think I am going to love nursery (just 4 more months).

Evidence of the "ball-mania."

Monday, August 27, 2007

Toilet Trouble

Max has discovered a new fascination- the toilet bowl. In his mind nothing could be funner than a bowl full of water. His dream come true is my worst nightmare!