Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm One!

Our Elle Belle had her first birthday last month and here are a few pics of the birthday girl on her big day (in reverse order). As you can see Elle loved her birthday cake. She wanted every last crumb and cried when I wiped off her tray because she was sad she couldn't eat those crumbs too. We love you Elle Marie and what a fun, albeit fast year it was.
Elle at one year:
1. She is a great eater. Just look at the pictures above. Some of her favorite foods are blue berries, pancakes, noodles, beans and chocolate. She often puts her toes on her tray during meal time too.
2. She talks a lot but we can't understand all her words. For the last couple of months she says "degupti" over and over and over again.
3. Elle started walking just before her first birthday and toddles all over the house with a baby doll under one arm and a match box car in her other.
4. Elle gives kisses now (mostly to the air) but gave her first kiss to Max when he was feeling sad and it cheered him :).
5. She is a mini with a lot of wild, curly hair. I put clips and bows in to tame it a bit but she thinks its her job to pull them out.
6. Elle puts her pointer finger to good use and it often pointing at something, someone or has it up her nose.
7. She is in awe of animals and calls almost all animals "woof woof."
8. Some of her favorite toys are doodling on the magna doodle, playing peek-a-boo in her princess tent and baby dolls but her favorites are remote controls and cell phones.
9. Elle loves to help unload the cupboards, unfold the laundry and empty my diaper bag. She loves to pull our shoes out of the closet and has been trying to put Corey's work shoes on. She also loves my glittery stilettos. Our shower is a new favorite hangout that I am trying to discourage.
10. She has a toilet obsession (unfortunately not potty training) but putting her hands and toys in the potty.
11. Like our Max, Elle loves to read books and some of my favorite moments during the day are of the three of us squished in the rocking chair pouring over silly, sweet, and sometimes spooky stories.
We love you Elle bug and your funny bunny ways!