Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Max 25 Months

1. Each month Max gets more fun.
2. Digging in the dirt in the back yard is one of Max's favorite past times.
3. Max loves reading his new book: What People Do All Day by Richard Scarry- he loves reading it so much that his parents have hidden it because they need a break.
4. He gives lots of hugs and slobbery kisses- I love it.
5. Max is doing all of his "pee-yews" on the potty. Mom is most happy about this.
6. When asked recently what he wanted for breakfast, Max answered, "Avacado and popcorn." A summer favorite is corn on the cob.
7. He wants to be outside every waking hour.
8. Friday Max and Daddy had a boys night out. Max came home beaming.
9. Max loves jumping on the bed.
10.His vocabulary kind of has a jamaican vibe because he say "da" instead of "the."
11. I was warned it would come and it has- in addition to his obsession with dump truck and diggers he is also into trains.