Thursday, January 14, 2010

Elle: 11 Months

Our Elle Belle is growing up so fast:
1. Her hair is out of control but oh so fitting.
2. She has four little teeth. Two up top and two below.
3. Elle wants to hold my hand and walk all day long. She won't bend her legs when I try to sit her down. I am really happy she isn't walking just yet. She is growing up too fast so I'll take her holding my hand even if she is just using me for balance.
4. She is a parrot and will try to imitate anything you say.
5. We may have finally met a match for Elle: Miss Famous. Super funny pairing. They are about the same size and equally full of it. Elle is enamored with the dog. Ever since their meeting she has been saying "woof woof."
6. She loves walking with the toy lawn mower but hasn't got the knack of turning just yet. Max gently helps her after she has hit a wall.
7. Elle can clap but isn't that excited about it but loves to shake her head "no" and thinks its really funny.
8. She inherited her Mom's sleeping habits. Great sleeper.
9. She is a good eater but is still a mini.
10. Elle waves hi and good bye although its backwards so she is waving to herself with her hand straight up in the air. The motion is really funny too, almost like milking a cow.
11. Elle erupts in short bursting screams to get your attention when she wants something. Usually it is more food.
12. She loves to pull herself up and smack her little hand against our glass doors and low windows. As a result I have a lot of little hand prints all over.
13. She loves to ride on her Daddy's shoulders and pull his hair. She will pull it so he has to turn around and look at her and then smiles and laughs.
14. She pulls all clips, bows, bands etc. out of her hair and throws it down or tries to eat it.
15. Elle puts everything in her mouth. We have pulled out all sorts of foreign matter such as decaying leaves, wood chips, aluminum foil, a miniature sleigh bell, paper, fuzz, and basically anything she can get her hands on. Once it is in her mouth, luckily, she won't try to swallow it right away but sees her mouth as a safe harbor and clenches her teeth and fights to keep her treasure.

We love her and watching her and Max play together is so sweet and rewarding. Hopefully it will last a little longer.