Saturday, March 31, 2007

First Class!

These are some pictures of Max from his first first class flight. He enjoyed his flight and loved looking out the window until he felt drowsy and fell asleep next to me in our roomy first class seat. What a treat! I wish I would have put him in this T-shirt to commemorate his flight!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Little Hawaiian Hunk

My parents brought this little Hawaiian outfit back for Max after their vacation last month. Luckily there was a beach party for the HBS kids last Saturday and Max was able to make his Hawaiian debut. He got to try is first taste of a snow cone, tangled his busy fingers in the mylar, palm tree decorations, and we got our picture taken with a 25lb, yellow python. He came home with a lei and angel fish sunglasses which he preferred to put in his mouth, not on his eyes. We tried to teach him "aloha" but he stuck with ba ba ba, goig-i-goig. Maybe next year.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

In Only 30 Minutes...

In only 30 minutes lots of things can happen. Max can visit with friends in the hall, have a juice snack, barf the snack all over himself and his mom, play in his crib wearing nothing but a diaper while his moms scrubs his clothes, get Max dressed again, this time in pajamas (why not, we're only a couple of hours away from bed time?) sit down to play with toys while his mom changes her clothes. Mom returns and picks up Max playing contently only to me met with a foul odor. Unzip the jammies- poop everywhere. Don't bother with the changing table- straight to the tub to carefully remove jammies and toss in sink and then get diaper off whilst not smearing baby poop all over ones self. Diaper off- directly to garbage, run naked poopy bottom under tub spout then soak baby bottom in baby bath tub. Scrub-a-dub then out of the tub into a diaper and pajamas #2 (outfit #4 for the day) nurse the baby and put him in bed. Back to the bathroom, poop all over the tub and sink, oops there's a spot- toilet too. Clean all the above and then to face the rank jammies. Eeeew, shouldn't have rinsed tub just yet. Throw jammies into soak with the barfy clothes. Clean tub and sink again and then clorox it all. Wash hands thoroughly and sit down to the computer. Write a little and then, baby starts crying... I'm heading back upstairs. Gotta go.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Afternoon Walk

Yesterday was the first sunny day that we have had in weeks so Max and I took advantage of the warmer weather and took a nice walk to the market. Max had his first stroller ride sitting up, facing forward. He looks like such a big boy. He liked it and was wide eyed as he interacted with passers by. I, on the other hand, did not like it. I am so used to being able to watch him when he is in his car seat snapped into the stroller base. I couldn't tell what he was doing and I wanted to be able to see what faces he was making at people. He also threw one of his mitten out on our ride home and we had to back track where luckily I found it laying on the side walk in the middle of the bridge. Phew. I guess I had better get used to it but I miss him looking back at me on our stroller rides. He is good company.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

February in Photos

Just some high lights from Max (and Corey) during this last month. Max just turned 8 months old and it is killing me! He is growing up so fast. I just noticed his little feet in that last picture...awesome! The double cobra.