Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Little Hawaiian Hunk

My parents brought this little Hawaiian outfit back for Max after their vacation last month. Luckily there was a beach party for the HBS kids last Saturday and Max was able to make his Hawaiian debut. He got to try is first taste of a snow cone, tangled his busy fingers in the mylar, palm tree decorations, and we got our picture taken with a 25lb, yellow python. He came home with a lei and angel fish sunglasses which he preferred to put in his mouth, not on his eyes. We tried to teach him "aloha" but he stuck with ba ba ba, goig-i-goig. Maybe next year.


jamieanne said...

Those are some suh-weet sunglasses. I gotta get me some of those!

ali said...

We should get a pic of Jamie and Max in their glasses. :)

Max is looking like he might need his first haircut. He has a sweet comb-over potential, though.

angie said...

james was the ring-bearer for a hawaiin wedding and he got to wear the cutest hawaiian shirt - they are so cute on little ones - and extra cute on your little one!