Monday, July 23, 2007

Max 13 Months

1. At 13 months Max Walker is not a walker. Not without the aid of a push toy or his parents (my back aches).
2. Max dances whenever he hears music. It has been bouncing for the most part until lately he started stepping in place.
3. One of the things Max is worst at is holding still (especially during church).
4. Max LOVES to play with other kids and be around people. Not at all afraid of strangers and is a shameless flirt!
5. Throwing and chasing balls around the house is one of Max's favorite activities.
6. Going to the pool or even splashing in the bath is one of Max's favorites.
7. The busyness in this little body is so extreme that lying down to have a diaper change or put jammies on is too much. Max will take off, crawling at the speed of light, Nicodemus around the house to escape these necessary activities.
8. Max loves to "read" books. He points out all the special details (especially doggies) and loves to turn the pages, two or three at the time.
9. Tearing things apart is also a favorite past time. Spilling all the contents of the diaper bag, throwing the clothes out of the dirty laundry basket, rolling TP around the house, and tipping over garbage cans are a few of his "best" tricks.
10. Waking up to Max in the morning is the best part of my day. He is always cooing and happily playing in his crib. When I walk in he gets to excited he sometime claps and hugs me tight when I take him out of his crib. Then he quickly wants down so the busyness can start!

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ali said...

I'm happy I got to witness so many of Max's tricks! My favorite time with Max is right when he wakes up, too. He's so happy to see you, and if you're lucky, he'll give the the old man face and rub his forehead against yours.