Monday, July 2, 2007

Max: One Year!

1. Max enjoys the company of others. He has been known not to go to bed for babysitters because he wants to hang out!
2. Max is getting his two top teeth. There is a large gap between them- so cute.
3. Although his only words are mama, dada, and sometimes burp, Max talks jibberish non-stop.
4. When Max doesn't want to eat something he throws it on the floor. Consequently, our carpet is peppered with vegetables.
5. Max splashes almost all of the water out of his toddler tub.
6. Recently Max found he can reach the power button on the TV.
7. Max is starting to take his blue blanky out of the crib and around the house with him.
8. Max is pulling himself up onto everything.
9. Today Max discovered milkshakes and gripped the cup fiercely with both hands AND feet if you tried to take the straw out of his mouth.
10. He loves to throw balls and chase them around the house. I recently found a stash he is keeping behind the toilet. eeeww.


lane said...

Uh oh Max, don't get too attached to the blankie. Your mom can tell you what happens when you get co-dependent with your blanket.

jamieanne said...

I KNEW his first word was burp! Chock one up for Lane and Jamie. Our efforts paid off.