Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Max in Mackinac

Max has his first boat ride over to Mackinaw Island.

Hanging out on the boat with Daddy.

Max at his post as 'keeper of the water bottles' during
our bike trip around the island. In actuality he couldn't keep his
little hands off the water bottles!


ali said...

He did a good job as keeper of the water bottles until approximately 2 p.m. where he had a breakdown that not even the four-legged passers-by could assuage!

lane said...

He was probably dehydrated.

p.s. is that a RED jogger stroller i see? I guess red won out. Much more fun than blue or black.

Andrea said...

Did you get a Phil & Teds stroller?!!! Do you love it? I don't think I can talk Ben into one until baby number two comes along. I love the red.