Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Max: Age 15 months

Now for Max age 15 months:
1. Max calls every circular object a ball. Ironically he throws not only balls but remote controls, puzzles, books, food (especially food) and almost anything else. He winds up his little arm behind his back, pauses, then releases the object while yelling, "ball."
2. Not unrelated, but when Max wakes up in the morning the first thing he does is throw everything out of his crib.
3. Max is finally walking with confidence. He is also getting his first molar. He is getting so big!
4. Max is still unsure of the blender, which is a bit of a problem because he loves milk shakes.
5. A favorite past time is to go out on the balcony, point at people and yell in jiberish to innocent passers by. Followed by "byeeee."
6. When daddy comes home from school if he doesn't play with Max and instead gets on the phone or computer (not infrequent) Max bawls. Corey promptly picks up Max and gets a big hug and Max is once again a happy boy.
7. Max points at everything and nothing, raises his eye brows, and says "oooooooh."
8. There is a lot of oohing and awing over the resident squirrels, bunnies, birds and turkey. Yes, the HBS turkey.
9. Whenever we come home and Max is walking (not is stroller) he does an about face and trots off down the hall. I then chase him down and carry him back kicking and whining.
10. Last but not least, Max has clued in to the fact that his dad is a softy. When I'm gone and Corey is supposed to put him down I return to Corey and Max watching TV. Sucka.


lane said...

Wow Max, what big teeth you have! Is that a Duck Tour photo I see? I remember going on the Duck Tour with you last year and you were just a little baby and we hoped you wouldn't cry. Now you're a big boy!

jamieanne said...

I'll bet Max appreciated the Duck Tour much more the second time around.

ali said...

Max also says "oof oof." He said it to me on the phone yesterday when I asked him where the doggy was.

Good boy, Max.