Sunday, October 7, 2007

Marathon training...

Max's GG-ma and GG-pa Woodland recently invited him to join them at the 2008 St. George marathon. Max, of course, would love to make the trip and has already started a rigorous training program.

Physical training:
1) Pushing the mower around the "kitchen loop": 20 laps a day 2) Running out the door when left open and refusing to come back inside the apartment: at least 3 times a day 3) Chasing the resident puppies, birds, squirrels, and Turkey all around campus: once in the morning and once in the afternoon 4) Dancing back and forth and bobbing his head everytime mom's phone rings and plays music: once an hour 5) Acting like a monkey, making growling sounds and wrestling with dad: whenever mom is out of eye and earshot

Mental endurance training:
1) Having to endure mindless boredom watching Baby Einstein: everytime dad is trying to study and babysit at the same time (which Max usually interrupts by taking away dad's cases and hijacking his computer) 2) Learning how to use mom's phone to call friends and family, ordering her new ringers for her phone, and using her phone to take pictures of the rug, his nose, and action shots of his feet.

High performance diet:
1) Lots and lots of noodles 2) Leftovers! (not from the fridge but from goodies he finds stuck to his highchair...) 3) Anything mom and dad eat that he's not supposed to have (namely ice cream and milk shakes).

So, GG-ma and GG-pa Woodland, you can see that Max is very serious about making the 2008 St. George marathon and is soooo excited you invited him. But one word of advice from his parents - maybe you, yourselves, should start training now too so you can keep up with him when he visits - take it from us, he's a marathon himself ;-)


Katie said...


Your funny posts about Max are my favorites! They always have me giggling in my chair at work.

Ashley A. said...

Kathryn Linda, although I am delighted to know that Max has the same ability to make you giggle as he does Corey and I; I however, cannot take credit for this post. You may note the author is C.D.W. This is C.D.W's blogging debut!

lane said...

Is this a COREY post???

Lol. I especially like the mental endurance exercises, which I've witnessed in person. Sorry Max, I still feel bad for your dad that he has to watch the mindless Baby Einsteen videos with you!

jamieanne said...

Wa-wa-wa-whaaat?!? Corey post?

I'm sad Max will probably win the gold medal before I even get to see him again. Living on the West Coast is the pits.

Mark said...

Whoa. This is the best yet. I warned you about baby Einstien didn't I?

Mark said...

Whoa. This is the best yet. I warned you about Baby Einstein. I even sent literature didn't I?

ali said...

I have witnessed Max at his fastest and I must say I am impressed with his ability to keep his top half in sync with the speed of his legs. He even corners well.

Great post, Cor. You are one funny dude. And dad.

Sara Jensen said...

So fun to find your blog! Max is adorable. I'm adding you on our blog so we can keep checking in on you. Glad things are going so well.

sam marcora said...

Hi there! I am Sport Scientist and I have found your blog while looking for possible studies on mental endurance training. It is actually a serious research project I m conducting: being able to endure boring and annoying activities for a long time might actually improve your physical endurance performance. So I am curious to know how Max will do in his first marathon :)))