Sunday, November 8, 2009

Elle: Age 9 months

Nicknames: Elle Belle, Elle Bug, Little E, Baby Girl, Wee Marie, the Stritch Scratcher and Little Sweets
At 9 months:
1. Elle is crawling like lighting, eating anything she finds on the floor, and standing up and taking little steps while holding on to tables etc.
2. When Elle wakes up I walk into her room to find her in her crib standing on her bumper and smiling.
3. She loves to eat and is finally feeding herself finger food.
4. Her brothers toys are her favorite and she is often seen with a match box car in each fist.
5. Her hair is out of control and I don't do much to tame it.
6. Her pointer finger is always out scratching at something (hence the scritch scratcher).
7. For the past 6 months changing her diaper is like roping a calf.
8. She loves Max and is doing all she can to keep up with him.
9. Elle started saying Ma ma ma a few weeks ago and is now starting Da da da. Da da daddy is very pleased with this. She is still a screecher.
10. She is our little Houdini. She can work herself out of straps and restraints like nothing you've ever seen.
11. She is making up for her first 4 months of being a lousy eater and sleeper. She is so easy to put to sleep. She puts her thumb in her mouth, cuddles her lovey, and rolls over to sleep. So cute. She also loves eating although it doesn't show- she's mini.
12. She cut her first two teeth at six months and they are super cute.
13. Lately we've found Elle standing up looking at herself in the floor length mirror trying to eat her reflection.
14. Thing Elle hates most is having her face wiped clean.
15. She has to keep moving constantly when awake and is very aware of everything going on arond her.
We are all enjoying our baby girl and feel so lucky to have this beautiful little girl in our family.


Holly said...

Elle is beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much for this post!!! I hope I get to see her soon!

Melissa Walker said...

She is adorable!

ali said...

She really is such a handsome little baby. You forgot to mention that she is on the fast track, and she likes to be in first place. :)

lane said...

Look out, max! She is growing up as fast as she possibly can. I'm glad to see she still has those chubby cheeks, though :)