Monday, June 9, 2008

Max got to go up on stage and "help" Corey get his diploma. As he walked off they gave all the kids these little HBS Kids hats. Really cute. Max was a little taken back by the crowd but did pretty well in his moment of glory. As he walked around after the graduation ceremony he was doted on by his grandparents and great grandparents who were in town for graduation. He wakes up from naps asking for Nana & Pops.


Ryan Sanders said...

I wish that he woke up from his naps asking for 'Ry and Mel' - now that would be a treat. We miss that little guy - crazy to see how big he has gotten-he looks like a little man! He is absolutely adorable. If you ever need a sitter/parent - send him on the plane back to the his home! Congrats!

ali said...

He does look like a little man in that three piece ensemble. A very handsome little man whom I want to kiss.