Monday, June 23, 2008

How old is Max? Two!

Today Max had his second birthday. It was a soggy day in Boston for a birthday so we headed indoors for our Bugged Out Birthday Bash. This is Max blowing out the candles on his beetle bug cupcake. We had a great party with all his little friends that are still around Boston. I was surprised that Max understood so much about his birthday. He knew it was his special day, demanded cake and ice cream, loved opening presents and kept asking to open more and blew out his candles on cue. What else is there to it? He pretty much had it figured out.

Happy Birthday to my big boy. Two years have never been so fun.


calowyn said...

I wanted to call to tell Max Happy Birthday, but for some reason I thought his birthday was later this week. I felt so bad! Anyway, please send our happy birthdays to him.

lane said...

Just so you know, you could never possibly post to many pictures of Max.

I can't believe he's two!

The Fortunate son said...

Two is a good year, it was good to meet Max and see you two at Holly's wedding. I need to do a better job of keeping in touch... so here is my email
I hope to see you guys sooner than later.

ali said...

Max! You are so cute, I want to eat you up.

Holly said...

I love Max's face! He is the cutest kid ever!