Saturday, January 26, 2008

Max Age 18 Months

1. During diaper changes he holds his nose and says "pee-ew."
2. Max still loves dogs and pretty much any animals or aminals.
3. He wants to be outside every chance he gets (even though the average temp is 20).
4. Max still loves noodles (nunu) and he also loves avocado, berries, spaghetti squash, chocolate and new found loves- licorice and gum.
5. He loves his book, Dig Dig Digging.
6. Everywhere we drive, Max points out buses, trucks and diggers or "dig dig."
7. Max still sleeps with his lovey every night. Doggy and his toy bus have been added to the entourage.
8. When Max wakes up he throws everything out of his crib and yells for "Dada."
9. At 23lbs 10oz. Max is a skinny dude with big cheeks and a cute belly. He also thinks his belly button is funny.
10. Max is a friendly neighbor and loves to roam the halls of our complex with Daddy and knock on doors asking for Mama.

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jamieanne said...

Wonder where he got the licorice and gum idea from...Pamma???