Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cabin Trip

Just after Christmas, Max had his first cabin trip. At first he was afraid of the snow mobiles but soon warmed up to them and kept pointing out the window saying, "Vroom, vroom." Now he points at everything with wheel and or a motor and sayings "vroom, vroom."

Max suited up for his first snow mobile ride.

Getting the snow mobile warmed up.

Going for his first ride with Daddy and Uncle Grant.

Playing with the neighbors puppies after the ride. It is hard to say if he liked the puppies or the snow mobiles more.


ali said...

I am DYING over the one of Max on Grant's lap. Everyone should click on it and open it up extra large so you can see how cute Max is. And how he looks like a stuffed animal or something.

jamieanne said...

It's hard to say if I liked Max better when he had his snowsuit on or when Pamma and you were putting it on him. Uhhh-mazing!

lane said...

Great tip on blowing up the pic with Grant. Hilarious. I think Grant's goggles and Max's are the same size.

Semele said...

Well said.