Tuesday, February 13, 2007

MAX in the Morning

Every morning Max wakes up and plays in his crib. I can hear him cooing and oodling in the other room which eventually turn into cries for food after which I feed Max we have a little play time and then he goes back down for a nap. I always keep Max in his pajamas knowing that he is just going to go back down so here are some pics of Max in his sleep sack, playing on our bed. Just a glimpse into our daily routine.


ali said...

I love that snuggly sleep sack. Almost as much as I love the little bundle inhabiting it.

Did he scratch himself again? Twice?

Ashley A. said...

Yes, despite my constant nail cutting tactics, Max has talent for scratching himself :(

jamieanne said...

Whenever I sleep over (which seems to be quite frequently these days), I am awakened by the sounds of Mr. Max cooing in his crib. Love it.