Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Few Things About Max (at age 7 months)

1. Max is learning to wave at people, it's a bit awkward though and he waves at himself more than the intended recipient (he also gets mesmerized by his hand during the wave and it loses some of its meaning :).
2. He enjoys eating and is very impatient if his food isn't promptly prepared & delivered! Mango dessert & sweet potatoes tend to go down the quickest.
3. Although I am super sick of it- Max loves Baby Einstein's, Baby Mozart. I feel like it is the background music to my life sometimes.
4. Max frequently does what we call "the head-banger's ball" he rocks back and forth in his
Exersaucer and bobs his head up and down. We think he must have Metallica on the mind.
5. He sometimes whimpers when Corey leaves for school but smiles and coos when he comes back.
6. Max is obsessed with cell phones, computers, remote controls, and cameras. Cell phones take the lead though (taking after his Daddy).
7. He does not like "tummy time." This could delay crawling.
8. When he is tired he just wants to be held and will sometimes lay his head on my shoulder and hold on to me. I love it!
9. Max loves it when his dad holds him upside down. He giggles uncontrollably.
10. He likes it when I tickle his neck and under his little chin.
11. Max is his most contented self when he is sleepy and nursing. He is so sweet.
12. He loves to interact with other babies and toddlers. He is fascinated by them.
13. Max is afraid of the vacuum cleaner and the blender! Sticks out his bottom lip and then cries wildly.
14. We are now beginning the phase when he throws everything down. A
super fun game for Mom & Dad!
15 His little ears still stick out like Dopey of the 7 Dwarfs- when he is tired he pulls at them (it can't be helping the situation).
16. Max is a good sleeper and generally a good natured little baby. He is pretty happy just sitting on a blanket and playing with toys. We love having him and still find it hard to believe he is ours!
17. Max likes to cuddle up with his little blue
blankie and suck his binky when he falls asleep.
18. Teething is a super slobbery development. Max is starting with his first tooth, bottom, center right (Max's right that is).
19. "A perfect sphere" has often been used to describe Max's noggin.
20. A third to a half of Max's body fat is in his cheeks. Kissing them is like being in a marshmallow cloud of dreaminess!


ali said...

Oh, I miss that marshmallowey cloud of dreaminess. What a great post.

I didn't know Max had been formally introduced to Metallica, though. And sisters, beware: My speed dial number is Max's favorite. All signs pointing to ME being the favorite aunt.

jamieanne said...

Great post. What exersaucer did you end up buying?
Not that I'm looking, I just feel like a part of it now that I've been there for the first ones purchase and ultimate return.

CW said...


We do feel the exersaucer makes an excellent and stylish addition to anyone's home. I would recommend either Evenflow or Graco and pay particular attention to lines and organic flow of the design. In my humble opinion that is what differentiates the Ferraris of exersaucers from the Pintos.


ali said...

I think it's funny that I know what an exercauser is.

angie said...

ashley, your little boy is so adorable. when lane was visiting palo alto last week i had to hear all about him! anyhow, i hear you are loving boston! take care! angie ballard (by the by)