Monday, January 17, 2011

New Addition

Welcome to the world little Holden. His full name is Holden Thomas Walker. He was born on December, 18th, just a week before Christmas and he was the prefect little Christmas present. Our biggest baby yet, Holden weighed 8lbs 9oz (no wonder I was so uncomfortable). He is doing great and our family is excited about this new addition.

Our first family photo after meeting baby at the hospital.

Proud big brother.

In addition to taking care of baby, we are still trying to keep up
with a super hero...

and a tiny dancer!


Kristy said...

I like the bi-annual blog update! Holden is adorable, and the just-had-a-baby family photo is fantastic. How you can look so good after delivery I will never understand. Hope we can see you guys in Houston sometime - maybe a rodeo trip is in order?

melissa walker said...

Congratulations! That is exciting for your family! We have some friends moving to Midland this spring--gives us two reasons to come by and say hello!

Annalisa said...

Love the pictures!!! Sad we arn't there to hold him.

MartyE said...

Adorable! Huge congrats to your cute family! We miss you guys!