Thursday, September 18, 2008

So Long Summer

I feel like this was the longest and shortest summer of my life. Long because the morning sickness felt like it would never be over and short because I missed out on summer because of it. The leaves are turning color here and I've already had to turn on the heat. Michigan is cold already. Here are some pictures of Max from the summer. Sorry they haven't come sooner.

Eating lunch at Walden Pond.
Reading in his new chair.
Running and screaming at the spray ground.
Hanging out at the Tridge.


ali said...

Well, its about time. I've been having Max withdrawals. I can't believe how much older looks after just a few months!

Love the top photo.

lane said...

Finally!! Don't you know his adoring public needs photos?

I'm glad to see he is cute as ever, and that the tummy is still big :)

ali said...

p.s. I have to point out the similarity between the elephant's ears and the little person's ears who is occupying the chair. I'm just sayin'....