Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sweethearts Ball

Last week was the annual Crimson Kids Sweethearts Ball. I was slated with the party planning this year and we had a great time with music and games provided by a Children's D.J. We also had great decorations, cupcakes and last but certainly not least, pinatas, in the shape of red hot lips!
The party in full swing.

The "Hot Lips" pinata

The kids anxiously awaiting the fall of the pinata.


jamieanne said...

Fun party! Looks like it was a smashing success. Glad to see the Walkers (minus Corey) were appropriately dressed.

Sanders Family said...

Your hair is so long- I love it. I am sure the party was a hit if you had anything to do with the planning.

lane said...

Those pom-poms turned out darling! And I love the hot lips. When are hot lips not appropriate??

Great choice.