Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dinner Guest

Max likes to eat and play with his food. His two hands were not enough to get the job done so he invited a new member to table. Can you see who is peeking through here?
Here is a better view.
Toes! Welcome to the table toes. We were baffled that he was able to get them on his tray and using them to play with his food. Max likes his toes. He loves it when I kiss them and tickle them and when I take off his shoes he sticks them out and spreads his toes to give them some fresh air. Hopefully his toes will love him back and help him start walking soon.


pamagramma said...

No hurries on the walking. Love those pudgy little toes but the best part of this pic is the "classic Max" pose...head down, furrowed brow, eyes peeking up and that thang he does with his tongue!

jamieanne said...

If only he could get all 10 toes up to the dinner table...THAT would be amazing. Maybe you should work on that. It'd be waaay cooler than walking.

lane said...

Toes are awesome, Max! Someday I'll tell you about the double-cobra. I think you might've already started to catch on yourself. Smart boy.