Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Few Things about Max: Age 10 months

1. Max loves to eat. He especially loves to feed himself. If I put 5 cheerios on Max's tray he will grab them and shove them into his mouth as fast as he can.
2. Loves to play peek-a-boo!
3. He will try to put almost any object in his mouth.
4. Max now locomotes all over by rolling & army crawling. At 10 months Max could very well be crawling (normally) or even beginning to act interest in walking but he prefers the previously mentioned forms of transportation.
5. Nothing stops Max in his tracks like the prospect of ogling a cell phone.
6. Still afraid of the vacuum cleaner (maybe even more so!)
7. Max loves other babies and children and scoots himself over to them at any opportunity.
8. Max has two teeth now. He accidentally bit my finger when I was feeding him kiwi. Ouch!
9. Corey & I gave Max his first hair cut yesterday. Corey was complaining about his ear locks and duck tail so we can them a little trim.
10. As his dexterity improves, Max has discovered his pointer finger and points at and touch things. The buttons on your shirt, the screw in the chair, any microscopic speck on the carpet, the freckle on my arm, and zipper on his jacket. Little things are big things for Max. He especially loves to be read to and points to all the pictures.

He is the cutest. We love having Max and his pointers in our family.


jamieanne said...

Ummm...don't take this the wrong way, but lots of things also resmble Miss Famous, no?
ie, eating everything in sight, fear of the vacuum cleaner, cell phones, give her an inch and she'll take a mile (or a few cheerios).

Chris said...

I agree with Jamie...but I wouldn't take offense. Famous is really cool and fun -- though I expect Max to be much less like Famous in another 10 months (not that he won't be cool or fun, just different), whereas Famous will always be Famous, right?

In any event, I love being able to watch my nephew grow up through the blog. Thanks Ash for keeping us all connected. I promise to see him in person soon.

ali said...

Yes, thank you sister. I'm ready for more pictures when you are.