Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Peer Pressure

After months of pressure from all of my fans.....I mean my family, I have succumb to their pleadings and finally started my own blog. The truth of the matter is that they (my family) are no so much interested in the happenings of my life but that of my 6 month old side kick, Max. This is intimidating because I'm not a technical person by nature so figuring this blogging stuff out while my trusty sidekick is meanwhile trying to eat the computer will be a formidable challenge. Wish me luck!

....and yes I will soon post recent pictures- of Max that is.


jamieanne said...

Hooray! I found you. Can't wait to blog shmog with each other. Thanks for all the hospitality. xoxo.

ali said...

Peer pressure yes indeedy. I found you, my pet. Peer pressure is definitely not my specialty (which is why I made the world's worst salesperson) but am glad you have been convinced to join the ranks.

Max may be the eye candy, but you're the brains and brawn (and bust) behind the operation. For now.

So happy y'all are here. :)

Ashley A. said...

Now I'm even more intimidated! Spotted before I even knew I could be. Scary!